>25 W pulses from 1.5 µm double-asymmetric waveguide, 100 µm stripe laser diode with bulk active layer

The experimental characterization of a high-power pulsed semiconductor laser operating in the eye-safe spectral range (wavelength around 1.5 m), with an asymmetric waveguide structure, a 100 m wide stripe, and a bulk active layer positioned very close to the p-cladding, is reported. An anti-reflection/high reflection coated laser with a stripe width of 100 m exhibits a single-facet output power over 25 W at a pumping current amplitude of 100 A.

Hallman L. W., Ryvkin B. S., Avrutin E. A., Kostamovaara J. T.

A1 Journal article – refereed

Hallman, L.W., Ryvkin, B.S., Avrutin, E.A. and Kostamovaara, J.T. (2021), >25 W pulses from 1.5 μm double-asymmetric waveguide, 100 μm stripe laser diode with bulk active layer. Electron. Lett., 57: 891-893. https://doi.org/10.1049/ell2.12298

https://doi.org/10.1049/ell2.12298 http://urn.fi/urn:nbn:fi-fe2022013111296