Assessing MyData Scenarios

Public controversies around the unethical use of personal data are increasing, spotlighting data ethics as an increasingly important field of study. MyData […]

Hardhats and Bungaloos

Feedback is an important aspect of design education, and crowdsourcing has emerged as a convenient way to obtain feedback at scale. In […]


Web design is a complex and challenging task. It involves making many design decisions that materialise preconceived notions of user needs that […]

Crowd-powered creativity support systems

Crowdsourcing has great potential in supporting humans to be more creative. This doctoral dissertation explores crowd-powered creativity support systems and covers a […]

Creativity on Paid Crowdsourcing Platforms

Crowdsourcing platforms are increasingly being harnessed for creative work. The platforms’ potential for creative work is clearly identified, but the workers’ perspectives […]

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