The Arctic6G project will develop energy-efficient 6G technologies for rural and remote areas, tools to evaluate and measure cellular coverage inequality, network security functions, and IoT device localisation methods, and increase understanding of connectivity problems and needs in the Arctic. The results will be reported on the project web page and in scientific publications. The project is led by Luleå University of Technology (SE) and partnered with Lapland University of Applied Sciences (FI). The project is funded by Interreg Aurora (EU) and Lapin Liitto (FI).

  • Website: Interreg Aurora project
  • Project type: Interreg Aurora
  • Duration: December 2022 – November 2025
  • Our expertise: Energy-efficient RAN solutions, coverage enhancement by windmills, understanding of connectivity problems and needs.
  • Contact person: Dr. Tech. Harri Saarnisaari