Biography of

Harri Saarnisaari

Harri Saarnisaari, a Senior Member of IEEE, earned his D.Sc. (EE) degree from the University of Oulu, Finland, in 2000.

Since 1994, Harri has been associated with the University of Oulu, Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC). Harri has been a docent (adjunct professor) in military wireless systems since 2013. His research primarily focuses on various signal-processing problems for wireless networks and system-level innovation. A few examples are signal and network synchronization, signal detection, anti-jamming algorithms, beamforming algorithms and military radio system design. His current (2019 onwards) main topic is solving the connect the unconnected challenge with 6G.

Harri has contributed to over 100 international publications, including journals, conference records, and book chapters. He has been a principal investigator in several EU-funded projects (STARRS, SAT5G, and via Interred Nord and Aurora AMCA, Arctic 5G Test Networks, Arctic 6G), EDA-funded projects (WOLF, MAENA), and national projects.