Professor Matti Latva-aho with 6G letters.

Finnish-Japanese 6G cooperation strengthens

Professor Matti Latva-aho, Director of 6G Flagship, is appointed Global Research Fellow (Professor) at the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo. This first Global Research Fellow nomination ever at the Graduate School of Engineering takes effect on the 1st of November 2021. The appointment will not impact Professor Latva-aho’s duties as Director of 6G Flagship.

Professor Latva-aho’s new appointment strengthens Finnish-Japanese cooperation in 6G research and development. 6G Flagship and Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications signed the Memorandum of Understanding on mutual 6G technology cooperation in June 2021.

“I see this as an exciting opportunity to build our collaboration further and to enhance 6G research and development together based on our similar values and goals for being forerunners in 6G technology,” Latva-aho says. “I am honoured for the appointment and delighted that our work at 6G Flagship is also acknowledged this way.”

Professor Latva-aho will work at the Graduate School of Engineering with Professor Akihiro Nakao, Director of Collaborative Research Organization for Next-Generation Cyber Infrastructure. They both believe the collaboration of their teams can leverage the best both universities have to offer in the research and development of 6G technologies.

“It is not just about higher speeds and faster response, though these things will be improved. The aims of 6G include massive improvement in power efficiency, security, integration with other networks, and much more,” Professor Nakao says. “I am happy to cooperate with Professor Latva-aho and develop together a more seamless experience for all people to communicate with each other and interact with services and devices.”

Professor Latva-aho has more than thirty years of history in wireless communications research. His achievements have been recognised by several awards. The University of Tokyo is Japan’s leading university and one of the world’s top research universities. It is also one of the key member organisations of the Beyond 5G Consortium of Japan and has a long history in the research of wireless mobile technologies. 6G Flagship is the world’s first 6G research, development, and innovation programme. It is funded by the Academy of Finland and the University of Oulu for 2018−2026. Cooperation with Japan is part of 6G Flagship’s international ecosystem.