The Digital Access to the Sámi Heritage Archives

The materials of the Sámi cultural heritage exist in several archives and collections, as due to historical reasons artefacts have also been stored in museums and collections in Europe. The project Digital Access to Sámi Heritage Archives seeks to improve the accessibility of the Sámi cultural heritage. The project develops a technical solution, with a usable and intuitive user interface design, to find the information and materials about the Sámi cultural heritage from different archives and collections easily and simultaneously. Accessing Sámi archives is important for the cultural revitalization, and of interest to both Sámi society itself, Sámi private sector, and non-Sámi users interested in the culture.

The project works towards the goals of improving the accessibility to the Sámi Cultural heritage in Sámi archives by developing new technological solutions, improving the accessibility of the Sámi cultural heritage by returning the knowledge of the Sámi cultural heritage back to use of the Sami communities as well as other users, and on creating ethical instructions on the use of the archived cultural heritage materials.

  • Website:
  • Project type: Interreg Nord
  • Duration: 1 July 2018 – 31 December 2021
  • Contact person: Tapio Seppänen