RESTORE – User-centred smart nanobiomaterial-based 3D matrices for chondral repair

Untreated or insufficiently treated chondral lesions will most likely progress to osteoarthritis, which affects 242 million people globally. The EU-funded RESTORE project is working on an effective approach to the treatment of knee chondral lesions. Bringing together orthopaedic surgeons, tissue engineers, material scientists, cell biologists and businesses, the project plans to develop a new generation of smart nanoenabled 3D matrices that can fit into complex lesion geometry, modulate undesirable biological events and remotely control, stimulate and monitor cartilage repair. RESTORE will address the shortfalls of current therapeutic solutions, helping prevent or delay the onset of osteoarthritis.

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  • ID: 814558
  • Project type: RIA
  • Duration: 1 January 2019 – 31 August 2022
  • Our expertise: smart nanobiomaterials, nano carriers, cartilage, regeneration, chondral lesions, bioprinting, remote control, stimuli-responsive, user-centred
  • Our role: Partner
  • Contact person: Gabriela Lorite