RE-ROUTE – integRated intElligent multi-modal tRanspOrt infrastrUcTurE: distributed localised decision-making at the network edge

There are many things that cities around the world have in common, and air pollution is definitely one of them. Since transport is one of the main pollutants, there is a need to drive policies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. In this direction, a growing number of cities in Europe are encouraging alternatives such as carpooling, bicycles, ride-hailing and electric scooters, facilitated by the emergence of intermediary mobility-on-demand platforms. In this context, the EU-funded RE-ROUTE project will work on a joint research and knowledge transfer programme to promote multimodal mobility-as-a-service transport integration through localised edge-based real-time data sharing. The project will also consider evidence-based policy and physical infrastructure development.

  • Cordis:
  • ID: 101086343
  • Project type: European Union (MSCA)
  • Duration: 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2026
  • Our role: Participant
  • Contact person: Diana Pamela Moya Osorio