LIUKAS – a national network of sports technology experts and associations

LIUKAS Network is a national network of sports technology experts and associations focusing on introducing and developing technology solutions for promoting physical active lifestyle especially among children and youth.

LIUKAS brings together nationally significant sports technology research and development organizations, municipalities and cities, sports associations, and companies, without drawing any lines between areas and different sports. The network co-operates on the root level with sports associations and professionals, and the needs arising from the root level guides the development of technologies and solutions or implementation of these. At the same time, the network develops and tests various models of networking, which aim to increase the effectiveness and continuous of the network’s activities in the long term.

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  • Duration: 10 January 2021 - 11 March 2023
  • Our expertise: Exergaming, Environments and technologies supporting exercise, health, and well-being, Technological solutions supporting coaching of children and youth, Biotechnological solutions for sports technology, wearable sensors, and printable electronics, Optimizing the monitoring of physical activity in children and youth Intelligent sports services and ecosystem of sports experiments
  • Our role: Partner
  • Contact person: Jari Juuti