InnoCAPE – Industry 4: transforming innovation ecosystem through better capacity of public enablers

Digital economy is a source of innovation and growth of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). However, there is a need to increase macro-regional collaboration to exploit the full potential of the region in research, innovation and SMEs utilising the Digital Single Market. InnoCAPE aims to establish a cooperation model for sustainable evolution of BSR digital innovation ecosystem through increased capacity of public enablers, such as public authorities and digital innovation hubs (DIHs).

To this end, the project is pursuing objectives of increasing capacity of public authorities to address the role of DIHs in policy making and capacity of DIHs to implement Industry 4.0 policies and contribute to developing digital single market; strengthening cooperation of public enablers of the digital innovation ecosystem; and improving the competitiveness of the macro region by better policy implementation through DIHs.

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  • Duration: January 2019 – December 2021
  • Our expertise: Digital transformation, Eco-innovation, Industry, Innovation ecosystems, Non-technological innovation, Research and development
  • Our role: Partner