FUNCOMP – Fabricating Functional Components in Room Temperature

Manufacturing integrated components can face challenges when it comes to the compatibility of manufacturing processes for the various subcomponents. Temperature compatibility is a critical parameter. The processing of electroceramics, integral to many applications, requires extremely high temperatures. Not only does this pose a barrier to contact and integration with subcomponents including polymeric ones, but it also requires tremendous amounts of energy. The EU-funded FUNCOMP project will build on its ceramics densification process at room temperature and post-processing at very low temperature for successful multi-material system integration. The team plans to evaluate its room-temperature fabrication methods in the production of accelerometer and antenna components.

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  • ID: 812837
  • Project type: European Union (ERC-POC)
  • Duration: 1 November 2018 – 30 April 2020
  • Our expertise: ceramics, roon temperature fabrication, printed electronics, dielectrics, passive telecommunication devices, sensors, packaging, market potential analysis, IPR
  • Our role: Coordinator
  • Contact person: Prof. Heli Jantunen