DESIRE6G – Deep Programmability and Secure Distributed Intelligence for Real-Time End-to-End 6G Networks

The next generation of mobile communication networks must surpass current 5G capabilities to meet increasing demands for real-time transfer of important data in support of mission-critical tasks. Such networks must therefore provide high-capacity data transfer with extreme accuracy and negligible delay while hosting multiple tenants. The EU-funded DESIRE6G project aims to design and validate a zero-touch control, management and orchestration platform able to support applications that require extreme ultra-reliable low-latency communications. The design will feature near real-time autonomic networking and a cloud-native data plane layer to support multitenancy, backed by an extensive monitoring system. It will be tested in two situations using extended reality and a digital twin application.

  • Cordis:
  • ID: 101096466
  • Project type: European Union (SNS-JU)
  • Duration: 1 January 2023 – 31 December 2025
  • Our expertise: serverless computing, programmable data plane, multi-agent systems, blockchain, software security, extreme URLLC
  • Our role: Participant
  • Contact person: Prof. Mehdi Bennis