Biography of

Petri Ahokangas

Petri Ahokangas received his D.Sc. in business administration (1998) from University of Vaasa, Finland. Currently he is Professor of Future digital business at Martti Ahtisaari Institute, Oulu Business School, University of Oulu. He is also adjunct professor at the universities of Oulu and Vaasa, Finland, and Aalborg University, Denmark. Earlier he was the Professor of International Business at Oulu Business School as of 2008. During 2000 and 2007 he worked in the telecoms/software industry. His research focuses on business models, platforms, ecosystems and international business in 5G/6G, smart energy, smart city, and digital healthcare contexts. He has published research e.g., in Telecommunications Policy, IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, and Journal of Business Research.