Biography of

Aliaksandr Bykau

After obtaining D.Sc.(Tech.) degree in 2010, Aliaksandr Bykau was offered a postdoctoral position in the multidisciplinary team of the Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques (OPEM) Unit of the University of Oulu where he took a part at different research projects including “Biophotonics technologies for novel diagnostic and therapeutic applications, 2011–2014” (headed by the Prof. Valery Tuchin – a world recognized expert in biotissue optics).

In 2017, he received a title of an Adj. Prof./Docent in biophotonics and sensor technologies at the University of Oulu. Since 2019, he has been leading and managing the Biophotonics Group at OPEM unit of the University of Oulu (equivalent to Assoc. Prof. position). For the last 6 years, a PI and/or Co-PI of over 10 research projects supported by the Academy of Finland, EU H2020, university strategic funding, and industrial partners including GE Healthcare, SpecIm, and others. PI of multiple grants (5) to invite talented researchers from abroad supported by the Academy of Finland and Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI).

Aliaksandr Bykau’s passion is to perform cutting-edge research in the area of optical diagnostics, sensing, and investigation of light propagation in turbid tissue-like scattering media.  All these research topics are highly interdisciplinary, linking optics, photonics, electrical engineering, manufacturing, biochemistry, biomedical diagnostics, and sensing. In particular, his group pioneers and develops advanced polarization sensing, hyperspectral imaging, and optical tweezers techniques for applications in biomedicine, clinical diagnostic, pharmacy, and food industry.