The University of Oulu seeks postdoctoral researchers to strengthen its interdisciplinary research profile fields

The University of Oulu is strengthening its multidisciplinary expertise by recruiting nine postdoctoral researchers in three of its research profile fields this autumn. Postdoctoral researchers are sought to strengthen research related to fibrotic diseases, 6G and arctic interactions, resilience and global change.

The three-year positions will run from 2023 to 2025, with a total of nine new positions in three different themes. Each call targets applicants across scientific disciplines at multiple potential hosting faculties and research units.

The University of Oulu’s research is specified to a total of nine different profile fields. The new positions are located in the following research areas funded by the Profi6 research programme of the Academy of Finland:

  • Biodiversity dynamics and community co-existence in the Anthropocene Arctic (Biodiverse Anthropocenes),
  • Preventing fibrosis related to obesity (Fibrobesity) and
  • The 6G-enabled sustainable society (6GESS)

Biodiverse Anthropocenes

Biodiverse Anthropocenes is currently looking for three highly motivated postdoctoral researchers with experience and/or a demonstrated interest in environmental change and socio-environmental relations. 

This transdisciplinary programme focuses on human-environment relations and biodiversity dynamics, with a particular orientation towards the Arctic.

See full details in the job ad: Three Postdoctoral Researchers, Biodiverse Anthropocenes transdisciplinary research programme.

Call deadline: September 20, 2022.

Contact for inquiries: Coordinators of Biodiverse Anthropocenes, Laura Siragusa ( and Emma Vatka (


FIBROBESITY – Preventing Fibrosis Related to Obesity – has an open call for three talented postdocs to strengthen the University of Oulu’s research focusing on obesity-related fibrotic pathologies.

See full details in the job ad: Three Postdoctoral Researchers, FIBROBESITY – Preventing Fibrosis Related to Obesity.

Call deadline: September 20, 2022.

Contact for inquiries:  Fibrobesity coordinator Ritva Saastamoinen (


The 6G-enabled sustainable society (6GESS) programme uses the 6G Flagship’s technological expertise to establish the scientific basis for a data-driven, hyper-connected future society with interconnected eHealth and energy systems.

6GESS is going to open three postdoctoral positions later this autumn. Follow open positions!

Contact for inquiries:  6GESS coordinator Sanna Tuomela (