Digital globe with interconnected nodes symbolizing the Joint Statement on 6G principles for a secure, open, and resilient global network.

Joint Statement Endorsing Principles for 6G: Secure, Open, and Resilient by Design

On February 26, 2024, Finland, the United States, Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, and the United Kingdom united to release a Joint Statement laying down the guiding principles for the development of the next generation of wireless communication systems, 6G. This joint proclamation, “Joint Statement Endorsing Principles for 6G: Secure, Open, and Resilient by Design,” signifies a collective dedication to advancing 6G technologies. It highlights a mutual aspiration for a future of global connectivity characterised by openness, freedom, interoperability, reliability, resilience, and security.

6G Flagship’s Role in Fostering Global Cooperation

6G Flagship’s endeavours to foster worldwide cooperation in advancing 6G technology are accelerating and earning global recognition. Dedicated to laying the groundwork for open and secure communication systems, 6G Flagship has consistently championed the principles the Joint Statement now embodies. The Joint Statement also mirrors 6G Flagship’s commitment to driving societal digitisation through innovative efforts.

“The Joint Statement, endorsing principles for secure, open, and resilient 6G, is exactly the kind of collaboration we’ve been advocating for,” says Professor Matti Latva-aho, Director of 6G Flagship. “And it’s not just about what we’re building; it’s about how we’re coming together to do it. This is a rallying cry for all of us in the tech community to roll up our sleeves and work together towards a future where our networks do more than connect us—they protect us, adapt with us, and bring us closer to a world where digital access is a given, not a luxury. It aligns perfectly with our mission to build a 6G network that’s as resilient as it is revolutionary, ensuring secure, seamless connectivity for everyone, everywhere.”

Latva-aho continues: “This opens up exciting new avenues and funding opportunities. The national security sector, for instance, is an area ripe with potential and opportunities. This Joint Statement adds another layer to our collaborative efforts, denoting the vast possibilities in secure and resilient 6G development. We’re on board and eager to contribute to this global effort.”

Blueprint for a Future-Ready and Inclusive World

Emphasising the importance of national security, privacy, and inclusivity, the guidelines outlined in the Joint Statement champion the creation of technologies pivotal for a globally sustainable, affordable, and accessible 6G ecosystem. These standards are designed to propel the development of a technological landscape that is not just advanced but also attuned to the principles of sustainability and open access worldwide. By promoting the adoption of international standards and competitive market dynamics, the statement highlights resilience and swift adaptability as cornerstone qualities for future advancements.