ETRI Journal 2019 Best Paper Award

ETRI Journal 2019 Best Paper Award for RF Research Team

Marko E. Leinonen, Giuseppe Destino, Olli Kursu, Marko Sonkki, and Aarno Pärssinen received the ETRI Journal 2019 Best Paper Award for their article “28 GHz Wireless Backhaul Transceiver Characterization and Radio Link Budget” published in the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute Journal.

6G Flagship’s RF researchers developed a transmitter-receiver with antenna arrays that can cope with the high-speed requirements for 5G mobile communications.

“In this work, the focus is on the design and validation of a radio frequency (RF) transceiver operating in the frequency band of 27.5 GHz−28.5 GHz,” describes the ETRI Journal news story about the awarded article. “This band represents a frequency band partially endorsed in common by the European, Korean, US, and Japanese Frequency Spectrum Authorities, and it is the specification for the 5G trials at the Winter Olympics in Korea. From a design perspective, the proposed RF implementation can be considered one of the first complete solutions capable of achieving millimeter wave (mmW) urban backhaul requirements.”

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