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Digital illustration featuring a human-like face formed from intricate technological circuits, with vibrant colours illuminating from within against a deep purple background. Text overlay indicates a "6G WORLD" event titled "Life Beyond 5G: Convergence" scheduled for November 15, 2023, with details encouraging viewers to "Watch, Chat & Engage in a Metaverse Adventure". The event is powered by "The METAVERSE Spectrum BUSINESS CONFERENCE & EXPO"

Transitioning beyond 5G, we envision a future with 6G technology accessible to all. “Life Beyond 5G” explores the convergence of 6G and AI, offering an interactive platform for developers, creators, and enthusiasts. Join distinguished experts in an interactive milieu to envision the impending digital epoch. Network with like-minded delegates amidst music from DJ Quik and Ejay the DJ.

Adj. Prof. Marja Matinmikko-Blue will represent 6G Flagship at the event and partake in a panel discussion on “6G and AI – Does Humanity Have A Future?” on 15th November.


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